When you think of Germany…

German A71 motorway near Meiningen in the state of Thuringia (I took this photo during a walking tour in October 2020)

… what comes to your mind? From a very remote perspective, maybe you’ll think of the German autobahn or the Neuschwanstein Castle or the Munich Beer Festival (Münchner Oktoberfest). Of course, there is so much more. The closer you get, the more diverse it becomes.

What you’ll get?

‘Making sense of Germany” wants to take you on a journey to a multifaceted country. It will get you closer to the way of living in Germany. How do administrative and political systems in Germany work? What is special about the German economy? Why does the cultural landscape offer such a wide variety? How is the society of this country in the middle of Europe changing? “Making sense of Germany” is about answering these and many other questions.

I’m Johannes Eber, an economist and journalist, born in Germany, and I live in Berlin. If you are in one way or another connected to Germany; maybe because you have professional contacts with Germans, moved to or away from Germany, or are about to visit Germany than this newsletter is for you. “Making sense of Germany” is addressed to everyone interested in this country that I love - and sometimes struggle with. You will get this newsletter once or twice a week.

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